Silent spanking

My butt was not on fire, it was excruciating. I never dreamed a silent spanking could be as awful as the paddle. It was worse. When I took the kids out to play, I fantasized about ripping my skirt off and drowning my scalding bottom in the pool. I could barely do my chores without crying out in pain.
Then the worst part came. I hopped into our truck, landing on 100 degree leather seats. this must be what it feels like to be on fire. I drove all the way into town, shifting in my seat. When I walked into the store, I moved with ease.
As soon as I got home I pulled pork out of the freezer for dinner and iced my bum. Ahhh! I’m glad The Boss was at work. (Hope he doesn’t read this.).
Why does my tender booty always pay for my mouth. ( which I have stressed to The Boss, has a mind of it’s own.)
Next time my mouth thinks about running, I will kindly inform it that my backside is out of commission and it needs to apply it’s filter


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