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My Birthday

Hey everyone. I have a lot to say.  I am so thankful to everyone who has been reading my blog.  I need to get better at posting.  I try to write blogs on my phone and sometimes my phone messes up.  Getting on the computer can be challenging with little kids.  Anyway, today is my birthday! Yay!

Last night, I received a pretty hard maintenance.  I was out of sorts all day.  Snapping here and sassing there.  And the odd thing is, I knew I was in a funk and when my HoH would correct me, I would shape up for awhile, then back into the same ruts.

Come bedtime, I knew I would receive maintenance.  T always gives me maintenance when I am approaching the LINE!  As I was bent over the bed, I was trying to focus on getting back in shape and staying submissive, but my mind kept going back to, “I don’t want to be spanked the night before my birthday.”  One time, I even considered telling T that through my sobs, but I thought he would tell me differently.  Moral of the story is:  Maintenance is no fun, but I am in a better place today.  I guess I am glad it was last night and not today.  Wish me luck on my challenge!


I am 20 days Punishment Spanking Free!  YAY! I am planning to work extremely hard, so I do not approach the line again.  Thank you again readers. It means a lot. 


If anyone has ideas for a post, let me know.  I love to write, I just find it challenging to make the time. Yet I make time for laundry…who knew. Blah!