Ramblings about discipline, sleep, and making love.

Dear Reader,
It is 8 am and I have been awake since 6:30. I also woke up twice to use the potty and once when my hubby kissed me. I am sure I am not alone in saying that I am tired. I have two little boys. I also have four daycare kids. The kids are playing well right now and I should be cleaning or exercising, but besides blogging I am thinking that if I ever want a good night’s sleep I must choose between discipline, making love, and sleep. In my submission, it is obviously not my choice. (And would be in complete contradiction to Stormy’s wonderful sex advice.)
Most nights, The Boss has me up until at least 12:30. Either conducting the MUCH needed maintenance or discipline. If it isn’t one of those it is surely making love.

So I appeal to ALL parents that practice DD…
How is this done?

Do you ever sleep?

Am I forever to be well- spanked, amazingly loved, and totally and utterly sleep deprived?

I will wait a moment, while you get your much needed cup of coffee.

Now that you are back, sipping your hot cup of coffee and contemplating your To-Do List. What am I going to do?

Am I destined to daydream about my bed? NO! Not bent over the side with a paddle being applied to my backside. My soft yellow blanket (with satin) and my pillow. The sun shining down on me, warming me to perfection. Even as I type, I cannot help but long for my bed. My eyelids closed, dreaming about the most amazing man in the world.

Tonight, I choose sleep. Let’s just hope that The Boss doesn’t plan on maintaining my submission.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings about discipline, sleep, and making love.

  1. Lol I’m afraid I see sleep deprivation in your future. Thanks for the invite for coffee. I think I will have a cup. Hope you got some sleep 🙂

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