Consider Your Actions

The weekend was lovely.  Friday I chatted with friends and played with the children outside.  The sun was shining and the temperature was in the high fifties.  Saturday morning rolls around and another beautiful day was on its way.  I was fixing breakfast for the family when I remembered that I had forgot to fold the laundry the previous day.  I quickly hurried to the laundry room and pulled the laundry from the dryer.  I began folding and smoothing the clothes, irritated at myself for letting them set and get wrinkles.

I finished hanging and and ironing the clothes and slowing walked into our bedroom to tell Tim that I had forgotten to fold the laundry on Friday.  I was praying he would take it easy on me.  I used to be pretty lax about the laundry, until I asked if we could add it to the rules.  At that point, I became a stickler for perfection. I confessed to Tim my slip-up and he assured me that we needed to discuss this later.  In HoH terms that means: you are going to get a spanking.  I let him know that I understood and apoligized for not folding the laundry. 

I bustled about my Saturday, making sure that I washed, dryed, ironed, and stowed every piece of laundry in the house. I played with the boys, loved on my husband, and kept the house clean as usual.  The day went along well.  The sun was shining, our moods were good. 

Tim took us out to lunch and to the park.

Later that night, I began to get nervous about the upcoming discussion.  As I was getting the boys ready for bed, Tim fell asleep in the chair.  This is not like him, he must have been really tired.  I wasn’t upset. I thought, no big deal. We are adults, we can deal with this in the morning. 

The next morning we woke up and I got the boys situated.  It was again beautiful outside.  I respectfully approached Tim about the discussion that I was fretting about and he said we should go to the bedroom.  I was prepared mentally to accept the discipline I had earned. 

I don’t know exactly what happened, but the punishment was not as severe as I had worked up.  I admit, I should not have worked anything up in my head. I was wrong. Tim is a very smart man and had plenty of time to think through his decsion.  However, I didn’t think this wisely yesterday. 😦

Yesterday went along well for quite awhile, but my attitude began to go downhill. (As I write this I am very ashamed of my actions and can barely stomach telling everyone.) Tim tried to nip the behavior in the bud, but unfortunately, this is something that we struggle with. My attitude continued to decline until a severe punishment was in order. Tim had to go to work for about 6 hours, when he returned home, I had made him a card telling him how sorry I was and how much I loved him. We had a really good night.

After the boys were in bed, we talked. My poor decisions were dealt with swiftly and I am a new girl today. I am determined to consider my actions more wisely.
Today is off to a fresh start, Tim and I are more in love than ever. I am showing quite the willingness to obey today. And do not worry, I will always have my laundry done.

My Challenge

I had been on a role of good behavior and out of nowhere came a something to trip me up. It tripped me. I was a guilty, emotional wreck. After being grounded and many spankings I was back on track. Sore, but back on track. I know we all make mistakes and sometimes the cleansing is good for us. But I am planning on going quite awhile without getting punished again.

We have been super busy too. Tim is searching for a new job, I am swamped with the boys and the daycare and tim’s mom spent three weeks in the hospital. Life has been crazy buay as always. However, we are blessed and life is good.

My worst spanking ever!

T has been pretty consistent lately. He added a rule saying that there is zero tolerance for sass, disobedience, etc.
He woke me up to go running and I said I didn’t want to get up. Instead of telling me that it wasn’t a request, he let me hang myself. And then called it Direct Disobedience. I was surprised, but understood why I was to be punished.
That night, when T arrived home, he was in a really good mood. We waited until the kids went to bed and then he called me in to sit by him.
He chose a new implement tonight, a very quiet one. The metal handle of the fly swatter. This looks very innocent, but it was awful. When we had finished the discipline, I did something very regretable.
I was so upset! Angry! Confused! I refused to let him hold me. I cried and was unloving. We went to bed angry.
The next day when I woke up, this always happens. I woke up with guilt! Regret! That sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me that I messed up BIG TIME! And bruises.
T was already gone to work. I tried to call him, he didn’t answer. I texted him my apoligies. He still was unavailable. He isn’t the type of husband to ignore me so I knew that he had to be busy. I never did hear from him until he got home that night. He told me that he forgave me. But when the children went to bed, he said he had to give me another spanking because of my bad choices the night before.

10 things to do while grounded from my favorite network until 8 p.m.

Obviously, you are all wondering what I did; now….Right after maintenance to get grounded. Don’t worry, I didn’t swear at my hubby….I would be sitting on a very swollen butt.

I didn’t unbuckle in the road again, not sure I will be brave enough to talk about what will happen next time that happens.  Just to assure you honey, if you are reading this, it won’t happen again. Here is the BIG thing. You
may want to sit down.  I didn’t do the laundry two days in a row.  So today, he wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to do laundry. I had 3 days done by 10 a.m., leaving me with 10 miserable hours to wish I had obeyed.  So for 10 hours, Here are 10 things to do.

 1.  Weed the garden.  I would weed the flower beds, if it wasn’t raining.

2. Paint my toes, fingers, your toes and fingers, my neighbors….

3. Rearrange the pantry

4. Chat on the network….. I mean

5. Call a friend

6. Write a letter

7. Read a book

8. Exercise

9. Hmmmmm

10. …..

Silent spanking

My butt was not on fire, it was excruciating. I never dreamed a silent spanking could be as awful as the paddle. It was worse. When I took the kids out to play, I fantasized about ripping my skirt off and drowning my scalding bottom in the pool. I could barely do my chores without crying out in pain.
Then the worst part came. I hopped into our truck, landing on 100 degree leather seats. this must be what it feels like to be on fire. I drove all the way into town, shifting in my seat. When I walked into the store, I moved with ease.
As soon as I got home I pulled pork out of the freezer for dinner and iced my bum. Ahhh! I’m glad The Boss was at work. (Hope he doesn’t read this.).
Why does my tender booty always pay for my mouth. ( which I have stressed to The Boss, has a mind of it’s own.)
Next time my mouth thinks about running, I will kindly inform it that my backside is out of commission and it needs to apply it’s filter

Sass, phone, and his Hand

My husband and I were going somewhere earlier. Lately, I have been quite sassy I m sure this has nothing to do with the lack of maintenance spankings. I started to sass my HOH for not much of a reason at all. He gave me the, “Stop Now!” Look. I stopped and apologized. Apparently I forgot his warning, because soon my mouth ( with a mind of it’s own) was carrying on about something. He said, “Give me your phone.” Instead of obeying, I said, ” You wouldn’t dare!” (Darn 50 Shades of Grey making me brave. ).
Before I knew it, my thigh and butt was taking quite the swatting. I hand my phone over in shock.
My HOH has never taken my phone away or swatted me in the car before. And now we are discussing boot camp. Ugh.

My Husband’s Approval

It was July 4 th, we should have been celebrating our country’s independence but we were home having gravel spread on our driveway. I was a little unhappy with the price my HOH had agreed upon. (Seriously, I thought we had talked about this! I can’t believe you agreed to this.) Mr. HOH is pretty frustrated with my “attitude” but the boys are awake and we have to go so any discipline will have to wait.
We get to his parent’s house and I am trying to put it out of my mind. The Mother-in-law brings up the driveway and decides that her opinion is needed. (Skip ahead a few hours…and a couple comments to Mr. HOH from his mom and Aunt. “Does she always treat you that way?” And I am in deep trouble.
MR. HOH has been reading Clint’s blog and has taken his advice to heart. Soon I am bent over the bed and my bottom is receiving a very hard warm-up. Followed by the belt. I held still as long as I could. A few strikes with the cane and I am begging him to stop. (Each word he struck my already sore bottom with the cane. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY DISRESPECT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I am sobbing with a really sore bottom. I apologized and was disappointed in myself. I always want to honor my HOH. Now I am on the right track and do not plan to mess up again soon. Because of my spanking, I have been a better wife and mother.