Where has my HOH gone?

Tim has been working a new job for the last month. After 6 years at the same place, this is a change for our family. He had been searching for a move that would allow him more time with the family. As a DD wife, I am here to say, “my HOH is missing”. He has disappeared from the homefront. This new job, although, not anymore time consuming than his last position, is just as busy. The very small, disobediant part of me, wants to stomp her feet, tell him that I will not behave unless he comes home sooner, and refuse to wash the dishes! However tempting at times this seems, I am sure he would find an hour out of his very busy schedule to deal with that attitude.
I love him so much that it hurts. Sometimes I think I have seperation anxiety from him.
So the boys and I have been doing everything we can think of to keep busy so that we do not realize that he is gone so much. Last night, my older one cried and cried because Daddy wasn’t coming home before bed. It was awful. I was sick, the boys were upset and I just wanted my hubby to be home. 😦
Everyday, I hope that his schedule will get a little bit easier. For now though, we are trying to hang in there and push through.

4 thoughts on “Where has my HOH gone?

  1. Starting a new job is so hard on the whole family.

    Tim is trying to catch up, fit in, and there is a certain stress level since most jobs have a 30-180 ‘trial period’.

    I’m sure you were excited by the new job, thinking ‘yes, more time with the family’, not even thinking about the ‘come up to speed’ period. Your expectations were raised and have now been dashed.

    I know it’s hard, but try to be patient. Things will get better. Sending warm hugs and prayers your way.


  2. Oh Becky, that sucks! It’s hard when you feel like you’re doing it on your own. Hopefully this busy time will pass. I know my H is starting a new job in 2 weeks and it will mean more time away from home. Im hoping that because it will be less stressful he will be easier to deal with when he is home, it still doesn’t help feeling the need to have him around though.

    Hopefully you’ll be on Women’s Chat this week 😀


  3. Long time since you posted, hope your husband’s job is going OK and that you are not deprived of him too much

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