10 things to do while grounded from my favorite network until 8 p.m.

Obviously, you are all wondering what I did; now….Right after maintenance to get grounded. Don’t worry, I didn’t swear at my hubby….I would be sitting on a very swollen butt.

I didn’t unbuckle in the road again, not sure I will be brave enough to talk about what will happen next time that happens.  Just to assure you honey, if you are reading this, it won’t happen again. Here is the BIG thing. You
may want to sit down.  I didn’t do the laundry two days in a row.  So today, he wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to do laundry. I had 3 days done by 10 a.m., leaving me with 10 miserable hours to wish I had obeyed.  So for 10 hours, Here are 10 things to do.

 1.  Weed the garden.  I would weed the flower beds, if it wasn’t raining.

2. Paint my toes, fingers, your toes and fingers, my neighbors….

3. Rearrange the pantry

4. Chat on the network….. I mean

5. Call a friend

6. Write a letter

7. Read a book

8. Exercise

9. Hmmmmm

10. …..


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