Sass, phone, and his Hand

My husband and I were going somewhere earlier. Lately, I have been quite sassy I m sure this has nothing to do with the lack of maintenance spankings. I started to sass my HOH for not much of a reason at all. He gave me the, “Stop Now!” Look. I stopped and apologized. Apparently I forgot his warning, because soon my mouth ( with a mind of it’s own) was carrying on about something. He said, “Give me your phone.” Instead of obeying, I said, ” You wouldn’t dare!” (Darn 50 Shades of Grey making me brave. ).
Before I knew it, my thigh and butt was taking quite the swatting. I hand my phone over in shock.
My HOH has never taken my phone away or swatted me in the car before. And now we are discussing boot camp. Ugh.


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