My Husband’s Approval

It was July 4 th, we should have been celebrating our country’s independence but we were home having gravel spread on our driveway. I was a little unhappy with the price my HOH had agreed upon. (Seriously, I thought we had talked about this! I can’t believe you agreed to this.) Mr. HOH is pretty frustrated with my “attitude” but the boys are awake and we have to go so any discipline will have to wait.
We get to his parent’s house and I am trying to put it out of my mind. The Mother-in-law brings up the driveway and decides that her opinion is needed. (Skip ahead a few hours…and a couple comments to Mr. HOH from his mom and Aunt. “Does she always treat you that way?” And I am in deep trouble.
MR. HOH has been reading Clint’s blog and has taken his advice to heart. Soon I am bent over the bed and my bottom is receiving a very hard warm-up. Followed by the belt. I held still as long as I could. A few strikes with the cane and I am begging him to stop. (Each word he struck my already sore bottom with the cane. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY DISRESPECT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I am sobbing with a really sore bottom. I apologized and was disappointed in myself. I always want to honor my HOH. Now I am on the right track and do not plan to mess up again soon. Because of my spanking, I have been a better wife and mother.


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